Why California?

why-californiaCalifornia symbolizes the best of America: an ever growing creative freedom to pursue our true happiness.  California people flow like its rivers; Native, Latino, White, Black, Asian, springing from authentic sacred sources to meet each other down at the ocean.  

In California, dreams are delicious and feed the people.  Dreams ripen in the sun and nourish hearts and minds.  This makes a golden spirited people capable of amazing feats of splendor: people from the street set the fashion for people on the hill, people turn concrete into an ocean, people stop wars through peaceful resistance, people turn oceans into angel wings and people turn healthy food into something sweet.

No wonder California launches the spirit of what is possible in all of us.  From the Joshua Tree sunsets where the desert keeps vigil, to the green valleys in the gaze of Half Dome, from the majestic coast at Big Sur, to the glorious forests where colossal Redwoods reign, from the humanist movements in Berkeley’s campuses to the humanistic technologies of the Silicon Valley: No land is as iconic as this land.

These cakes are baked in California tradition: re-imagining old traditions to manifest new ones.  We mix what’s good for ourselves and our loved ones, what is fun and what is beautiful, and pour it all into a cake pan to watch it rise.  This is how we honor an awesome place and also become part of it. 

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  • Kristin March 17, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Fabulous. I am not vegan or anything but when I heard your cake was made out of beans I couldn’t believe it. Sugar always makes me feel ill after I’ve eaten something sweet and who wants to live a life without eating something sweet. After eating the macarons I didn’t feel ill or lethargic and they were delicious. When I told my mom about your cakes, she said to get a double order for our family reunion. San Francisco Spice Cake Pops and Capistrano Chocolate Cake Pops. This is going to make our family reunion a truly special one this year. Thanks for the free samples, too!

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