California Dreamin’

cali-cakes-street-signMany people dream about living in Sunny California, and yet some of these same individuals already reside here. The key word being “Living”.

I remember the first time I told a friend from Minnesota how much I wanted to live in the snow, he wasn’t having it. He laughed hysterically, and proceeded with the routine, “If you had to shovel snow everyday … Yada yada whatever, whatever” and we laughed and agreed that maybe he was right. 

On the flip-side of that coin, when a friend from Chicago tells me he would love to live in San Diego, Huntington Beach, or The Pacific Palisades, what can I say to that? Nothing. Right? Cuz most people would think that sounded great! It’s true.

We’ve got it awesome in Cali. We can rock flip flops and shorts in the winter whenever we want and not risk getting frostbite. We’ve got lakes, streams, rivers, beaches, snow, deserts, mountains, fun active living going on all around us 24-7.

Our food is an amazing divergence of world cuisine, and to do our part, The Cali Cakes Brand  brings a guilt-free line of baked goods to add to our  already awesome Golden State.

Enjoy our gluten, sugar, flour, and dairy free desserts today!

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