An Evening in Malibu

An evening in malibu sharing our Malibu Macaron La Jolla Lemon Papi Seed flavorIt was another “It’s Perfect” Sunset Dinner in beautiful Malibu, California this Friday evening, when we Premiered our “Malibu Macarons”.

Concetta Bruce of “It’s Perfect Malibu” has always been the most generous hostess we have ever known, and last night was no exception. Her hospitality and the kindness of her entire staff was par excellence.

What a blessing it was to present our new product line at such a gorgeous and apropos location.

Fan-evening-in-malibu-capistrano-chocolateor  some, the world famous Malibu, California is the desired residence that will one day depict their success, for others it is a untouchable fantasy land that is portrayed  in some of their favorite movies and television shows, but for us it is our neighboring town and home to a community of amazing people. Most importantly it is the beach city where Chumahan and Soraiya Bowen first met and were later married at the exact residence of Friday’s Party.

Although preparation for the event brought the expected and unexpected stresses,  for the most an-evening-in-malibu-hollywood-red-velvetpart we kept it light and harmonious, and enjoyed the process. This kept us true to practicing one of our core values, which is to be laid back and not get too serious; and if you know any of us here at Cali Cakes, you know we are no strangers to having fun. It is a priority and a foundation. The way we see it, if it ain’t fun, we must be doing it wrong, or at least our intention and practice are off track!

In between baking, web-design, photography,  inventorying ingredients, doing sales and making packaging choices,… “goodies in the oven” translated into playful renditions of Hank Williams covers by Chumahan and Soraiya, and  dancing around to crazy obscure songs about California for inspiration.

After arriving at Concetta’s, our family went to work setting the Sweet stage. My daughter Elisa and her boyfriend Oscar headed up the frosting and An evening in Malibu - Soraiya Sings!finishing line for our amazing presentation of desserts, while Chumahan, Soraiya, and myself pitched in. We were soon assisted by my wife Victoria and son Vicente, as they were putting last minute touches on our website. The end result: A night to remember; A table full of delicious Sugar Free goodies, soft vocal stylings of our very own Soraiya Bowen, and an introduction of our Cali Cake Brand to a host of new chosen family.


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  • Steve Yunt February 27, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Sounds like you had a fun time and your displays look mighty tasty. Continued success with Cali Cakes. Nice website too.

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    • Mike Sauer March 7, 2013 at 12:49 pm

      Before I tried “Cali Cakes” I was skeptical at best. A cake without sugar, dairy and flour is not a cake, Right?

      WRONG!!! As I took my first bite of the Cali Cakes line on this night in Malibu my expectations were low. I was blown away. Not only was the product beautifully prepared, but it tasted like cake. Far superior to the dry and/or tasteless “healthy desserts” of my past, the lemon Poppy seed cake and the brownies were rich, smooth, and sweet beyond my wildest dreams. The best part for me was the utter lack of guilt I felt as I went on to sample each of the flavors.

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  • Peter Cameron March 18, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Just got to try some of Cali Cake’s lemon poppy seed macaroons at a birthday party. They were unbelievable, and I mean that in taste as much as upon hearing what was in them. Incredibly moist and flavorful, without that overpowering saccharine taste or factory-goo consistency you often get. What a terrific desert through and through. Health-wise, from what guests were saying yesterday they’re the equivalent of a protein bar — downright good for ya! It won’t be too long til people start pounding them down after a workout, and the world will be a happier place for it.

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